Women’s March on Washington: Toronto

Women’s March on Washington: Toronto


Date & Time: January 21, 2017 from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Locations: Queen’s Park to City Hall

Event hashtags: #WomensMarchTO #WhyIMarch


Length: 1.7km. Estimated time: 2 hours.

Begins at Queen’s Park at 12:00 pm. Rally in this space for approximately half hour with inspiring speakers and local musicians. Then commence march and head south to the U.S. consulate, from there we will head east to City Hall/Nathan Phillips Square. The march will end at City Hall with one more speaker.

There will be three accessibility vans on the day of the march. One will be for people using wheelchairs or scooters, and the other two are for people with limited mobility and have seats. The accessibility vans will be parked near the stage where the speakers and sound system are located. During the rally the vans are parked near the stage so those requiring space to rest/ sit-in during the rally have access.

Once we commence the march anyone requiring use of the accessibility vans will need to be in the vehicle. For safety reasons, we may not be able to stop during the march to pick up additional passengers. Should you need assistance during the march speak with a marshal. The accessibility vans will follow the march route and end at City Hall, approximately two hours later, and afterwards the accessibility vehicles will drive those back to Queen’s Park as required.


Catherine Brooks, Indigenous Elder

Farrah Khan, Ryerson University

Debbie Douglas, OCASI

Ausma Malik, TDSB Trustee

Crystal Sinclair, Idle No More

Andria Babbington, Toronto & York Region Labour Council

Kristyn Wong-Tam, City Councillor

The event will be ASL interpreted.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to look at the FAQ’s we’ve put together.


Please note that as a small, ad hoc volunteer organizing group we do not have the capacity to organize buses, be responsible for parking or permits and are not responsible for transit issues. We have provided this information in an effort to share resources and enhance participation and access. It is our hope that this FAQ offers quick tips to assist in your attendance at and enjoyment of the march.

Please click here for the FAQ page.



  1. The election of Donald Trump testifies to the degradation of the US electoral process, increasingly domination by celebrity-hood, big money and media fascination with conflict and the bizarre; combined with the massive disengagement of a growing segment of the population from any concept of informed and responsible citizenship. This enables a weakening of government as an instrument for social progress, the increasing domination of society by the oligarchy of great wealth and consequent power; the legitimization of private and public acts against racial ,religious and life-style minorities.

  2. Kelly Rico says:

    Thank you for an INCREDIBLE march!!! I have been attending marches for 30+ years and have NEVER seen the likes of this in Toronto. Anger, humour, creativity, celebration and solidarity rang through all of it.

    The moment of silence was beautiful and brilliant to begin the march with. I cried during it. I’ve been struggling with PTSD triggers since the election, and have had to work hard to come to centre to stay engaged and responsive daily. The March completely dispelled any depressive fallout. From the massive turnout, it is clear that none of us is alone, and I feel so re-energized.

    THANK YOU!!! to ALL the volunteers who made this happen. On my way home, I had a great conversation with two store owners in my neighbourhood, extolling the experience of today’s March. In one of those shops, my local deli, another woman who went to the March was also talking about it. The owners were excited to hear how many people showed up and what the vibe was like. So your efforts extended beyond those who couldn’t even attend!

    It seems this moment in history is shaping a new tone of resistance. I am hoping that the Women’s March’s chapters around the world stay connected and that this only expands what we experienced today.


  3. Anne White says:

    Bravo! Job well done on Saturday. The March rocked!
    Big thank you for taking on the task of mobilizing. A fire has been lit and hopefully the embers will continue to burn and provide the heat to carry the spirit of the March forward.
    Three Cheers…
    Anne White
    age 71

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