Underground Railway to Modern Day Slavery

Deep in our history of struggle for freedom Canada was the North Star. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The irony of this quote is palpable as I begin writing this post today about human/sex trafficking in Canada. After reading Invisible Chains and speaking with the Canadian Women’s Foundation I felt compelled to speak out about the injustices occurring in our own backyard. I do not equate Canada with a place of slavery and one that condones rights violations and hopefully I won’t have to for much longer. The greatest barrier to tackling this issue is a lack of awareness. People just do not know that human and sex trafficking is a reality to our homeland. My goal today is to help you see the human side of this sensationalized, often foreign sounding crime… Continue reading here.

Let Freedom Reign

The grand Royal York Hotel hosted the 3rd Annual Freedom Walk on September 15, 2012, organized by [free-them] in support of Walk With Me. An organization that works closely with various police services and has been able to provide unique services and support to many victims of human trafficking. In contrast to the beautiful, iconic venue, the causes behind human trafficking are dark and violent. Researching/writing about trafficking can leave you emotionally drained and feeling hopeless. The experiences of the victims and survivors haunt you because they are such a grave injustice against humanity. I applaud [free-them] for hosting an event about trafficking that, despite the issue, was uplifting, inspiring and full of love. The line-up of speakers covered all aspects of trafficking yet ended with positive messages…Continue reading here.

It’s local. It’s global. It’s called human trafficking.

Understand the issue: In Canada

  • Trafficking is illegal, a grave human rights violation and girls are being trafficked within Canadian borders and across.
  • 800-1500 women are trafficked into Canada each year.
  • It is a lucrative business as traffickers can earn up to $280,000 annually, for each girl.
  • Girls and women from marginalized/racialized groups are at a higher risk of being trafficked.
  • Traffickers receive a higher financial gain for girls under the age of 18, making vulnerable young girls particularly at risk for sexual exploitation. The average age is 13 and is getting younger.
  • Traffickers use deception and coercion to lure women/girls with promises of a better life, a romantic relationship, false job opportunities or by abduction. They are lured on the Internet or in public venues such as shopping malls, social events and bus stations…Continue reading here.


A poem by Kavita Dogra

I blushed when he said hello

I’m 18; I lied.

He leaned a little closer

I thrilled a little inside


No one as beautiful as you

I’m so lucky to have you

He placed me high on a pedestal

He made me feel so special…

Continue reading here.



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