I blushed when he said hello

I’m 18; I lied.

He leaned a little closer

I thrilled a little inside


No one as beautiful as you

I’m so lucky to have you

He placed me high on a pedestal

He made me feel so special


I love you.

Let me take you away

It’ll be just us two

There wasn’t anything I’d rather do


She’s worth more than that

I heard my new love say

The stranger paid up

And took me away


On my eighteenth birthday

I asked to be free

Work off the debt

Then you’re no good to me


They are in and out

All day

Every day

I bleed. I cry.


Branded like cattle

Treated like a machine

Too defeated to battle

Drugs are my only relief


Most days I’m numb

I hate that he lied

With fading memories of home

I die a little inside



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