Passion Over Past: A Book Project

Passion Over Past: A Book Project

Laska shoe-pileThe purpose of this post is to invite you and women across the globe, to be part of a profound project! I know it’s easy to get caught up in the “some day” illusion, which is why I create and commit to new possibilities every single day. “If you’re passionate and committed, anything is possible”. In addition, I believe when people collectively share ideas and take action together, tremendous results are achieved! I discovered running as a result of my sexual harassment experience in university. This led me to turn my life around with passion! Out of this transformative experience I decided to share my discovery with others by creating Passion over Past.

Passion over Past (P>P) is a global community book project, transforming the world together, one testimony at a time. This project is brought to life by the assistance and contributions of the global community.  The book will consist of testimonies from women, both local and abroad, who have experienced “difficulty” because they were victims of abuse or they encountered a challenging life experience. This book will inspire women, allowing them to realize that they can ‘choose to be’ powerful even in the aftermath of these experiences. P>P will allow reader’s to discover how to transform their attitudes, thoughts and actions. Join in on this process, creating a new reality where people openly discuss their experiences and collectively stand for the transformation of our communities!

To get involved your testimony should include the following points:

1.         Describe briefly the difficulty or the experience.

2.         What challenges did you face because of the experience?

3.         What was the ‘turning point’ or transformation in overcoming the experience?

4.         Summary of your empowering transformation.

We ask that you please be clear and concise with your testimonies. There will be a review of all submissions. For the publication you may remain anonymous, or feel free to use another name if you desire.

There will be pages between testimonies with inspirational quotes, these could be classic or from women involved in the project. You might have a specific quote you wish to share that inspired you during your difficult time or you could share a few empowering ‘words of wisdom’.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and attend the upcoming Social Mingle event on June 1st. This (free) eventPP logo will provide the opportunity for guests to learn more about participating in this book project and allows women from all walks of life to come together and learn why they are unique and powerful. If you’re interested in having fun, meeting new people and empowering women, this is the event for you! A casual afternoon filled with open minded and passionate female leaders connecting, inspiring and learning. Beverages and snacks will be provided. There will be a special performance by Jacelyn Holmes .

Remember your testimony is worthy of being heard. All experiences are valuable and happen in different ways; as such, they are all worth sharing. Your contribution is greatly valued and will assist in transforming our communities. If you have any questions, please free to contact me at:

Laska Paré



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