An artist’s words of wisdom

An artist’s words of wisdom

I had the pleasure of meeting Lily Frost after her performance at the Royal Conservatory of Music a few months ago. During her concert she mentioned working with young girls and I knew she’d be perfect for a We Talk Women interview.

Lily occupies a very special place on the Canadian music landscape. With eight albums to her credit, she blends elements ofrock, jazz, tango, film noir, French chanson and swing. She has been all over the world; she’s sung in Africa, busked in New Orleans, and lived in Cairo singing nightly in a restaurant.

1. Before we delve into the girl’s rights portion of this interview, can you tell the readers a bit about your journey as a musician/artist?

I started at age 19 when I left Oakville and moved to Montreal for university.  My path opened up for me.  I put my poems to music and joined a band… I loved it so much that I never turned back.  Since then I have made many records, shot videos in Paris, Vancouver and Toronto. I love what I do.

2. What inspired you to start working with young girls?

Empathy and feeling that I have made it through and have some words of strength to offer that may be helpful. Singing can open you up, remove blocks and help you find your voice, strength and emancipation.

3. Do you find there’s a reoccurring theme that surfaces with these girls?

Victim roles in relation to men, body image issues, losing your power.

4. In an industry that focuses a lot on physical appearances, how do you encourage the girls to focus on their talent, not their looks? Is there any one thing that’s most successful?

Work from the inside out. Let your emotion guide your voice.  Don’t compare yourself.  You are where you are for a reason. Have compassion for yourself.  

5. Being a teenage girl comes with a lot of challenges and changes. Having a healthy sense of self and a positive self-esteem are key to getting through these years. An exciting part of this stage is new relationships. What sort of relationship advice do you give your girls and any others that may be reading?

Eat healthy, exercise and sleep well first of all. Talk to your mom or a female mentor to guide you. Be careful who you trust. Respect yourself and others will respect you. Speak up.

6. If you could talk to your 16-year-old self now, what would you say?

Listen to your inner voice, trust it. Don’t give up your hobbies for boys.  Boys are not princes.  They are just like you.  Don’t be blinded by a crush.  Be strong.   Respect yourself.  Your opinion is just as valid as his is.

Lily is a multi-talented artist with a beautiful soul that beams through in her music. You can purchase her music and learn more about her, here   


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